Two Proposals,
the same charm

About us

Al Sereno is Hotel Panorámico and Hotel & Spa.

The province of Jujuy is quiet, small and has numerous touristic sites. That is where we avechosen to locate our hotel group.

The Al Sereno Hotels offer two valuable proposals with the same charm: a panoramic hotel and a hotel with a spa. Both are located in the city of Tilcara (Province of Jujuy, located in the northwest of Argentina). This city displays visible traces of the past. Our hotels are located
three blocks from the main square of Tilcara, surrounded by majestic mountains and hills. We have used local materials to build our infrastructure, seeking to achieve a higher level of harmony with the beauty of the landscape, paying special attention to every detail involved in our decoration.

Entering our hotels invites you to experience a deep sense of purity and peace, breathing harmony and style. Our staff is at your service, in order to achieve the best experience and attention with each detail. The rooms stimulate rest, in a modern, warm and elegant atmosphere.
It is possible to choose between different options: single, double, superior, triple and quadruple rooms. Each room is decorated with its own seal.
We are Ciro Fiorito and Liliana De Marco and we want to welcome you to our place in the world.


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